Nature and Soul - Terran Ambrosone

Nature and Soul is a Facebook Community page created by Canadian West Kootenay artist, Terran Ambrosone. It is a place for inspiration, wisdom, empowerment and encouragement as we each travel our Soul's journey. Nature and Soul features the work of local artists and writers, web-researched images and quotes, as well as Terran's own work.

In today's world, we need places of respite and healing. Nature and Soul is intended to be such a place. No matter what race, religion, or belief, it is a haven where all are welcome. Here is a community of people who truly showcase the best in humanity, with love, support and a genuine desire to seek truth and meaning in life. ​Terran's hope is that the page continues to help others find their own personal connection to the divine within, as well as connecting us to the divine that shines so brilliantly throughout our natural world. ​"I strive to post images and quotes that compliment each other in such a way as to create a meaningful experience. Through feedback from the Nature and Soul community, it seems something as simple as a Facebook post truly does have the power to influence us in a positive way. It is the pebble in the pond, far reaching and at times quite significant. This page has also been a great personal blessing, and the beautiful messages of thanks and encouragement from readers truly uplift and inspire me daily."

~ Terran

​* There is a great deal of effort put into sourcing material, though with some images and quotes this is not always possible.

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