"Embrace your creativity, and release the wild and whimsical. After all, the only way we will create a different world is if we first dare to imagine it." ~ Terran

Untitled photo

Terran Ambrosone is an artist/woodcarver from the West Kootenays of BC who has recently found a new love and artistic expression in the expansive world of photography.

Terran finds this new medium captures best what she strives to create both visually and emotionally. In addition, post-processing editors allow for those artistic touches that can transform a  photograph into a work of art.

Skills learned in other mediums translate well to photography, where the same rules apply in terms of colour, composition, light and shadow, so it truly feels second nature. 

Artist Statement

"The West Kootenays are an inexhaustible well of creative inspiration and grounding for me. A source of strength and comfort, quietly holding me up. I strive to capture the magic and mystery that resonates so strongly here, and to recreate the emotional response to these captured moments as well.

We live in a world with many layers of meaning and purpose. I seek to explore not just what we see on the surface, but to uncover those deeper elements at play both in the natural world and in candid portraiture. It is my sincere hope that this work will inspire others to value and protect our most precious and sacred world and the wildlife we share it with."

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